Bacardi Museum

Bacardi Museum

Casa Bacardi Sitges. Another interesting visit in Sitges

Casa Bacardi Sitges is a visitor centre that was placed in our town because is the home town of Facundo Bacardí Massó, the founder of Bacardi, the world’s most drunk rum. The idea behind the visitor centre was to create a European version of the internationally famous Bacardi Museum in Puerto Rico. Another interesting visit in Sitges.

The visitor centre is located in the historic Mercat Vell, a Catalan Art Nouveau building in the heart of Sitges Old Quarter. Built by the architect Gaietà Buigas in 1890, it stands next to the Town Hall. It is a building with a single nave gable roof. The façade in brick, is symmetrical and appears as an important element iron canopy, first in the metal building in the village.

Casa Bacardi Sitges offers the visitor the chance to find out about the history of Sitges, the Bacardi family and the relationship of both with the Americas. Enter into the world of Don Facundo and discover the revolution that he started in the rum making process, almost 150 years ago. At the end of the tour, visitors will have the chance to learn to make their very own Bacardi Original Cocktails under the guidance of the Bacardi Ambassador and our own professional bartenders.

At last, Casa Bacardi Sitges offer a mixed cultural and night turism and could be an opportunity to start with a wonderful cocktail a interesting night in one of the hundred pubs, and discos that you could find in Sitges nigth, with all kind of music and enviroment. Every place is close to our appartment mezzanine, but remember to book your ticket in Casa Bacardi Sitges.

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